Tuesday, August 7, 2012


4 long hours later.
Blake is out of surgery! Finally!

Doing well, he is on the breathing machine. We will be getting an ABG to see how his breathing is doing in an hour to see if we can wean off the machine.
Neuro took out his reservior, and placed behind his ear a VP shunt. This will drain excess fluid that applies pressure to his brain to his stomach. The stomach portion was done without complication, only three small pinpoint incisions from where they guided the scope.

We will be trying to keep everyone updated but for now we thank god that he is okay and made it out of surgery! the next few days will be rough but we have hope he will recover just fine.

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  1. Hi Blake, Katie, and Zach, just want you know lots of prayers for healing and rest. Lots of long distances hugs to you all - it has been an incredible road and it is such a blessing to see where Blake is and how far he has come. Our continued prayers for a complete healing of his body and for the doctors and nurses who are performing the surgery and monitoring him during recovery. Michelle Byers - Windsor, VA


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