Sunday, August 12, 2012


August 12, 2012

Anyone that knows Zach or I, know we LOVE football season! (not as much as UK basketball season but definitely our second favorite time of the year!) We wait patiently every year waiting for PRE-season. This year it has snuck up on us...we've been a little preoccupied! However, on Wednesday we were surprised by free tickets to the Indianapolis Colts vs St. Louis Rams preseason game tickets! A sold out game due to it being Andrew Lucks very first game in the NFL. So as our date day, Zach and I woke up this morning Wide eyed and excited...bright and early we got ready and headed towards Lucas Oil Stadium. At 9:30 we received our entertainment pass and headed into the stadium down stairs. We were in a conference room for about 30 minutes before our group of people from the Ronald McDonald house were called and taken onto the Colts field! It was huge, taking in the view from where the game actually happens, standing in the was awesome to say the least!
As we walked out of the Colts tunnel.

View from the field!

Indianapolis Colts Endzone!

Afterward we headed back to the room to sign in and we were given our tickets, and our names taken for our gift bag from Andrew Luck. (he is the one who bought the tickets he is a huge advocate for Riley's Hospital for Children.)

Zach and I standing in the endzone!

We then of course headed back to the hospital before the game...this mommy an daddy can't stay away for very long! We dressed our lil' man in his very first colts hat, I mean he has lived here for three months right?!? Gotta be a Colts fan!

Game Day Family photo!

We then headed for the game after our friends Derek and Emily met up with us.

Our seats were a little up there but man the view was still phenomenal!

And to top it off Andrew Luck's first pass in the NFL was completed and actually was ran in for a touchdown on the first Colt's play! What a sight to see! The stadium went CRAZY!!

All in all it was a good time and a much needed breather from our everyday routine of waking, sitting, walking, sleeping! We even won the game! we definitely had a good time...

Derek and Emily!

As fun as the game was, 
it's good to be back to the hospital holding our lil' man!!

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