Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day after Day.

August 15,2012

Day after day, week after week, we see parents smiling, baby in car seat, waving goodbye and wishing us luck. As people keep coming and going we keep sitting and waiting...sometimes uncontrollable tears well up and wishes that it was us leaving come to my mind. Don't get me wrong we are happy for people when they get to leave, being in the NICU is hard on everyone- I think once I compared it to a roller coaster, but after four months I find it much more similar to a tsunami. It's constants waves of emotions crashing down, day after day, and you hold strong knowing that one day the waves will calm and a bright sunny day will take its place. It just happens to be that some people get to see the calm a little sooner. So when I feel jealously rearing it's ugly head, It's then I take the time to sit, take a deep breath and remind myself that at one point we had said goodbye to this lil' man, we were convinced that every breath was his last....and yet today, today our lil' man is 6lbs 3oz, on no oxygen support, and eating from a big boy bottle. (most of the time anyway!) So I sit, cuddled next to him, and wait! For its His plan, and I'm simply here to follow it.

Friday- its a big day- a day that gets us closer to home...Blake's (cross our fingers) last surgery here at Riley's. Blake will have a hernia repair and his circumcision done Friday morning at 7:30am (6:30am Henderson time). The surgery should be relatively easy, but I've said it before it does not make it easier on mommy and daddy. The surgery is to remove two hernias, one on Blake's abdomen, and one near Blake's groin. The surgery should take approximately an hour and a half or so, so please keep us in your thoughts. As always with any surgery Blake will be placed back on the breathing machine, and this is always a scary thing because of Blake's past. But we stay hopeful he will do well, and will only be on it for a little while! We ask for a quick recovery, and lots of prayers. This is our last hurdle for now and gets us one step closer to coming home.

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  1. He looks so much bigger in these pictures! :) He will of course be in our thoughts! You all are everyday!


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