Wednesday, July 11, 2012


How much changes in such little time...

Last year in July- Zach and I were probably sitting outside. Zach shooting ball, me working on my tan. We were probably enjoying an ice cold beer, music playing and not a care in the world. How a year can change your life SO DRASTICALLY!

November 21st- I left work early sick, and throwing up! Yuck!

November 22nd- I surprised Zach with 2 (no we didn't know they were twins yet!) UK onesies! We were SO happy- our plan in action!! Although we had been trying, we were told it could take a while for me to get pregnant so this was a SHOCK to us!!  5 years dating 3 years married and now a baby....what could be better?!

January 19th- 2 babies...that's what could be better! We were shocked, excited, scared, happy, did I mention scared? 

February 9th- both boys!!! Daddy was SO excited- he started high-fiving in the doctors office.

Baby "A"- Blake Alan Hargis
Baby "B"- Conor James Hargis
 Katie at 22 weeks pregnant...

April 4th- Zach and I had been together for 9 years that day.... And this is the day my babies tried to show up- 17 weeks early. 

April 11th- the two SMALLEST, and most BEAUTIFUL babies entered into Zach and my of the best days of my life. Followed by some of the worst days Zach and I have ever...and hopeful will ever go through... 

Conor James born second...1 lb 7oz at 8:59pm
 Blake Alan born first...1 lb 6oz at 8:41pm

April 12th- my sweet baby "B" that always shoved his legs into my ribs, my sweet lil' conor that weighed an ounce more than his "big" twin brother, passed away. I held him as Zach held me as we said goodbye, and reassured him that the lord would hold him until we could meet him again. This was a tragic day...and the days didn't get easier.

A week later on the 18th of April we held Blake's hands told the worst: as he got sicker and sicker.
(first time "holding" Blake when he was 1 lb 1oz.)
April 19th- Blakes baptized at the women's hospital.

April 26th- life flighted to Riley's hospital in Indy..... And now....

Blake is 3 months old, and beating all the odds!! 

Blake is currently 5lbs 7oz, although a lot of that is water weight from being so swollen. Today he spends his 3 month birthday snoozin'! He still is on the ventilator and is getting pain medicines about every 6-8hours to help with the pain on his two surgeries last week...but he is doing good! His incisions are healing well! As I always have said he is exceeding all expectations! The plan is to hopefully be able to extubate on Friday after a round of steroids given tomorrow. So until then we are just hanging out, and enjoying some Zzzzzzz's!

Happy three months my lil' man! You are doing so well, and you make your mommy and daddy so proud! We are getting there...look how far we've come! We promise to be with you every day until you come back home with us! We love you to the moon and back my little monkey man! Keep it up! 

Blake got his Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hat as a present....
our snoozin' lil' man!


  1. Thanks for posting a preggo pic Katie- you never have before...and how cute we're you?! You have always been drop dead gorgeous and pregnancy only enhanced it! Your strength amazes me everyday! I've always been jealous of the relationship you and Zach have and I know that because it is SO great that is how you are getting through this! The perfect couple had perfect babies! Conor was beautiful, and blake couldn't be more handsome if he tried! Swollen or not! Know we love you here in Henderson and are counting down the days until you three are home!!

  2. Happy birthday sweet boy...with many more to come! Rest well (((hugs)))


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