Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Growing up fast...

July 10, 2012

CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. IT!! Blake will be 3 months old tomorrow. It is a bittersweet feeling, only 3 weeks from now is the boys original "due date" July 29th, and my little boy is already almost 3 months old! He has made it- made it through surgeries and procedures, and labs, and xrays, etc. etc. etc. Our living, breathing miracle! And no doubt has made it this far because of the support, prayers, positive vibes, and a little help from Conor! 

This week like every other week has again, been full of ups and downs. Yesterday on the 9th Blake looked "ready" to be extubated- all of his ABG's looked great and the doctors believed he was ready to go back to the vapotherm. 

Mommy and Blake before extubation...
 Blake resting but ready...
 Blake on vapotherm!
We were excited.... that was until our poor little man started to cry, wail, and attempt to scream! He was still in pain from his big belly surgery and developed a stridor caused by swelling in his airway...Blake was just not ready...SO unfortunately about an hour after the tube came out....

 Back on the ventilator we go... "why this thing again?!?!"
Just because we had a minor set back though does not mean Blake will not come off the breathing machine. Today Dr. Troutman gave Blake a dose of Lasix to help remove some of the extra fluid on board...poor little man is still mighty swollen! And hopefully (fingers crossed) we will be extubated in the next few days or so once some of that fluid is off! They also plan to give him a small dose of steriod right before pulling the tube next time to help reduce the inflammation in his airway.

Blake abdominal incision is healing well. They are still starving my poor man They are still "holding off" feedings waiting for his belly to heal and bowel sounds to become more active...BUT little boy has been passing gas (HOORAY!!) and actually had a small amount of liquid stool today! (not something you are normally super excited about!) but coming from having a "POOP BAG" to a normal functioning bowel is a celebration we are ready for!!!

Zach and I are so honored today to share our little miracle to the world...
A website Zach and I get on for the occasional comedic relief www.thechive.com (this site might be a little much for some of our older or severely young readers- warning was given!!) while in the NICU published a picture we sent them of Blake in his Keep Calm Chive On shirt I made him...
and posted our story for the world to see...we couldn't be more happy from the positive messages being sent to our family and best wishes! It truly is a special thing to see how many people are supporting us through this really difficult time! But we know our little boy is a fighter and though there is no discharge date in site--and we are really missing the bluegrass state, our home and our friends and family--we know we are where we need to be! And we will do whatever Blake needs to keep him thriving! He has already exceeded all expectations and we will be looking forward to his very bright future!! Thanks everyone for the support and know we love ya! 

Daddy having a "deep conversation" with Blake!
 Blake all swollen...he has a neck I PROMISE!!- 
you can see the post from a few days ago as proof!
 Mommy having a convo with her lil' man!


  1. KCCO little man!!!!

  2. I too went to the hospital in April 04th. I was given 48 hrs to live due to kidney & liver both failing and encephalopathy causing pressure on my brain. MANY, MANY people including strangers) prayed for me and with me. God allowed the Dr's to save my life and 6 weeks later I went home for 3 months rest. They called it a miracle.

    Every night I lay next to my wife and dog as they sleep and thank God he allowed me to live the rest of my life. Tonight I will speak to Him about Blake.

    God Bless all three of you, especially Blake.


    1. That was beautiful.

  3. This is why I read the chive! Such an inspiration you and your husband are and little Blake....my goodness what a fighter. I'm glad I found your story today, I am now not only a chiver. But I am now a Blake supporter too- I will be keeping a close eye on your blog to see your handsome boy grow. KCCO!

  4. My wife and I have our first set of twins on the way. We've had 4 miscarriages, but thankfully this time everything is looking great, she is 12 weeks in. But all is good, God is good, so we both are working hard to KCCO despite it's still in the back of our minds the losses we had right about now. Thank you for sharing and for showing your strength through the agony of losing a little one and the JOY of small improving steps the Blake is going through. I'll keep praying for his speedy growth and that he can come home soon!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

    A Pennsylvania Chiver!!!!!

  5. Your little guy is already doing big things, his story has restored faith that i had started to believe was gone. Keep fighting blake your meant for more and bigger things and with the parents you got I'm sure you'll succeed in all of them.

  6. this story was touching enough, but i also share a name with young Blake.

    Wishing you two and my fellow Blake all the best, KCCO!

  7. KCCO Blake!! We're all pulling for you guys!!

  8. I've been a Chiver for about a year now and I'm so glad that I got on the Chive today to see this story about Blake. He is already such a strong boy and I have complete faith that he will grow up to do great things. KCCO to you all and Conor is definitely up there looking down on his brother, Blake is lucky to have such a special angel looking out for him. Never lose faith.

  9. Saw you on The Chive. I had a 1lb 6oz baby in 2011. Katie is now 17months and feisty as hell. She was on the ventilator for 6 weeks and in the NICU for 100 days. I am pulling for your little man and sending positive thoughts your way. I know how crazy and frustrating the NICU journey can be, hang in there and KCCO!!

  10. It's so good to hear that Blake is doing better. We too had twin boys. They were born in 2007 and will be turning 5 this November. Our boys were born at 32 weeks and spent a month in the NICU here in St. Louis. We know what you are going through with having your little one in the NICU. Hopefully the staff is as wonderful as ours were. As for you little angel Conor, may god bless him always and forever, and know that he will always be with you.

  11. July 25, 1986 I was born after my mom was flown upside down in helicopter for 2 hrs. Weighed in at 1lb 8oz then lost 3oz. Nearly 26 years later I am fully grown with next to no complications. Thoughts and Prayers are with lil Blake. KCCO parents!!!!

  12. Pulling for you lil man! Blake is a great, strong name, and i know it will only reflect your life. Great and strong. Stay strong and KCCO!

  13. You and your family are inspirations to us all! I 2 have twin boys they are gods blessing! Connor will be with Blake always! My boys say when one is at grandmas that they still talk to each other! I am sure. Conor is whispering in Blake's eAr daily! Thoughts , prayers, love and strength to you and yours!

  14. Definitely pulling for little Blake. Continue to KCCO!

    My heart goes out to all of you.

  15. Wow...Blake is amazing!!! Love the picture of him holding the vent tubing..."this again!" Crack me up! Still praying (((HUGS)))

  16. Just saw your story on TheChive. I am an identical twin, born @27 weeks. I was 3lbs 2oz, my twin 2lbs 8oz. 21 years later, he and I are as healthy and fit as could be, thanks to the Ohio State University medical staff. I have pictures with a lot of the same tubes and all that, I thank my parents for the patience and perseverance, my family is everything to me. I'm a broke college kid so I can't donate, but I wish your family all the best! KCCO!

  17. I am amazed everytime I read your blog! Not just by how amazingly strong and big little man is getting but by the wonderful words of encouragement that are sent your way:) I can't wait to meet mr. Blake and tell him what a wonderful family he has! Love and prayers always Katie!
    Love- Hilary
    P.s. I love his Mario hat!!!!! Too cute!!

  18. The chive brought me to your blog, You are a brave couple, i hope you Keep Calm with Blake towards a bright future!
    KKCO from Colima Mexico.

  19. You inspire me to be a better Dad. Best wishes. -from CT

  20. I too have twin girls, they will be 5 in September. Born at 35 Weeks, but faced numerous issues. They are now healthy and doing great!!! Praying for baby Blake!! Conor will always be his lil angel watching over him! You & Zach are GREAT parents/people!! Keep up the fight!

  21. KCCO from Hungary!!!

  22. yay for poop in his DIAPER!!!! :))))) hugs and kisses from the bluegrass state.
    amanda and harper.

  23. KCCO from New Zealand, what a sweet little fighter you have there :) This is truly a moving story, I only hope that it gets easier soon, I will definitely keep on reading your blog and spread the word to all my friends at uni!

  24. KCCO from Ohio.

  25. Hi there! Im a chiver and a NICU Nurse in California. (the website for comic relief of course!) I just wanted to tell you that your baby is absolutely beautiful. He is definitely on his way! I understand your everyday challenge and I am sending positive vibes your way, to your family, as well as prayers. He is very lucky to have such good and loving parents!

  26. You brought me to tears. KCCO from Argentina!

  27. KCCO from Rhode Island :)

  28. Now I have to explain to my boss why I am in tears. I will be praying that Blake and your entire family stay strong. Thanks for sharing your story with the world.
    <3 a fellow chiver


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