Friday, July 27, 2012

Due date approaching.

July 27, 2012
It has been a BIG week!! As the due date approaches it is hard not to become a little homesick...

Even more so when we are told we would probably be heading home if we didn't have another upcoming surgery!! Which we were told today could still be weeks away....( big sad face here in Indy!!) but on a positive note- it allows us to continue to get bigger, stronger, and sent home with less equipment! And didn't I mention earlier it was a BIG week?!? Maybe I should elaborate....

Do you notice anything missing?!?

NO oxygen!!!! And we are rocking at breathing all on our own!!

And for the next big Big BIg BIG deal check us out!!!
...Do you see what our lil' man is doing?!?

Taking a bottle like a champ!!! Blake is now taking a bottle with every feeding as tolerated! And he is doing great... We are so proud!

We also got to take a big boy bath this week....Rather than a stinking bed bath!!!

He hated it really... But he loved being cuddled in towels afterward!!

And... YES there is more!!! We got our central line out of his chest a few days ago too!!!
So NO more IV's!!!!

With his central line....

And without!!! (he was happy about it I'm sure...just not in this picture!!!)
We have had that line in since April and really have never seen all of Blake's chest!!

We will try and keep you all updated on his next surgery, and stay tuned for our blog on this Sunday's "birth" day party in honor of our due date!!!

The many faces of blake!!!

(PRE no oxygen!!)


  1. BABY GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay!!!! Such a big boy now! So happy to see lil Blake off O2 AND eating bottles!!!! So happy for you all! Many continued prayers coming his way! :-)

  3. Absolutly amazing! Your faith and patience has really paid off. Keep strong Mommy and Daddy...and to you Lil Blake...keep on jumping thru those hoops baby boy! You are an ALLSTAR!!! The "I am bored" picture made me LOL... waking my sleeping husband! :) (((hugs)))

  4. He is awesome!!! So happy for you guys!!!! Keep up the good work Blake!!


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