Monday, July 30, 2012

Finger Lickin Good.

Blake has a new favorite thing....
How many fingers can I eat?!?

YouTube Video



  1. The grass is always greener in Kentucky...except this year but it's still a fact Kentucky is better than Indiana do come home soon little buddy the KY is missing ya!

  2. god is working miracle with you Blake keep up the good work. Through you Blake you are sending a message to so many people some that may not know God and some that may have lost their faith. You are beautiful little boy. Still praying for you, mommie and daddy too. Kentucky loves you and cant wait for you to come home. Thanks to your mom and dad for allowing your story be told and bring people closer to God. You were sure given a gift and a purpose here on the earth. One day you will be singing "Rock me momma like a wagon wheel" and daddy probably is already teaching you that song. ROCK ON BLAKE ROCK ON! Love you guys we all are praying for you ! Gloria


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