Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some Pics to Hold you over....

July 5th, 2012

We are doing "okay" here at Riley post surgery...Blake is doing good still on the vent but NO WORRIES...
Mommy and Daddy are just emotionally, and physically drained!!
Not a lot of time for long detailed post right now...because this momma is going to SLEEP! 
But because I love you all I couldn't leave you hanging!! 
So here are some pictures to hold you over!! 
Promise to post a detailed blog tomorrow about his surgeries!
But for now...
Here is some old pics of Mr. Blake

Looking suave...

Daddy Cleaning up the 
"BLOW OUT" after Blake's Barium Enema!! HAHA! (We have never had dirty diapers because he has an this was a little much!!)
 But now daddy is smiling as momma teases him!!

 Mommy and Blake before "the weekend getaway" Mommy looks okay but she had just got done bawling not wanting to leave!

 Blake in his KCCO shirt...sorry guys its a website that keeps us entertained and we had to have him supporting it too!

 Mommy Back home with her first baby...AUSSIE!!

 Daddy and Blake having a moment once we got back to Riley! Blake was explaining all the adventures he had with his Grand-mo and Aunt Pam.
 Blake always staring at his hands...

 Again doing what he does best- sleeping!! Look at the chubby cheeks...God love him!!


  1. Sweet baby boy! Glad things are "okay"....get some rest! Always thinking of you all!
    <3 Hilary

  2. Yes, please rest! So glad to read a post...always in my thoughts. WAHOO for poopy pants!!! (((HUGS)))

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with the two of you and Blake. God Bless You for being such amazing, loving and dedicated parents. KCCO and stay strong little guy!


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