Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All Around the World.

Lets look at some numbers....

9 surgeries.
139 days in the hospital.
114 blog posts.
40,000 blog views.
20+ different views from different countries.

Our story is followed by family, friends, and even complete strangers. 
We receive letters of support, and messages that let us know what our blog has done to help another family, friend or stranger. We can not explain what it means to us to hear from you, and to know that what we write not only allows us to vent and put emotions to paper (so to speak), but also helps other people too.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about our life, to read about our miracle, and our heartbreak. We hope that if for nothing else we are documenting our life in a day to day perspective for Blake to read one day, to read of the trials placed before him that he continues to overcome! 
So from us to you thank you for sharing in our story! 

I end most of my post the same way...So here they are....

Blake is definitely growing blonde hair like his mommy these days!

 Blake is also eating more frequently he loves his fruits and oddly enough sweet potatoes, and peas....
However, he is still getting more on him than in his mouth!
But its alright we are growing and gaining weight so it all counts..
Last weight check.
13 pounds 7 ounces!!

And now for another Holiday Photo Shoot with Mommy!
So in the past, I have slightly been a slight Grinch around Christmas. The holidays to me stressed me out more than brought me joy...However, this year I have traded in my bah-hum-bugs and exchanged them for garland and mistletoe! This year we have down sized Christmas a bit, and plan to spend the whole day counting our blessings, remembering and loving Conor, and holding Blake close, as we Thank the Lord for his most precious miracle!
 Check out these BIG BLUE eyes..
How could you not melt every morning with those staring back at you?
 And those piggies...
 We were practicing sitting...only I caught Blake falling instead.
 This picture is my absolute favorite. So precious.
 Loves that thumb!
 There is that smile again...

As I said we have many friends, family and even strangers that keep up with our blog...and to our surprise we received a letter the other day from family friends ALL the way from San Fran!!
So even though we are Cardinals fans in this house..wink.wink.
We had to deck Blake out in his new gear!

Thanks Tom and Diane Arneson!
And Thanks to Mary....
Though we have never met, Diane let us know how you keep up with our story!
So from Zach and I, to you, we can't thank you enough!!!

 He will grow into the shirt!! For now it can be a sleeper!
 "Wait mom...what team is this?!?"
 Smiling for our friends all the way in San Francisco!

So these days...I've said it before. Blake is teething..and boy does he let us know how bad it hurts!
But with the help of COLD COLD COLD teething rings we can usually calm him down...
and if that doesn't work we try teething tablets...that usually calm the pain enough he passes right out.
And he is such a good snuggler!!

So after a good LONG nap...
 we get that beautiful toothless gummy smile of his again!

ahhh....this lil' man is the LOVE of my life.
So blessed. 

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