Saturday, December 1, 2012

March of Dimes Photo Shoot

As I am sure you all know, the foundation March of Dimes, is very important to Zach and I. I have posted numerous times about the important research they do, and how because of their program we can proudly hold our once 1 lb 6 oz baby in our arms every day. Because of this when we heard that Wild Wind Photography in Waverly, KY was doing a fund raiser for Christmas we had to participate. Some of my facebook friends have already seen these but there are a few funny added ones for your enjoyment! 
(Disclaimer: Blake was NOT at all happy in any of these pictures. He was not a fan of picture taking that day!) 

First my favorites...

Second my absolute favorite....
I know its wrong....but my goodness I just LOVE it! PRICELESS!

and lastly the Bloopers- which are most of the pictures..
Blake was not happy. Here are some funny pictures capturing those moments. 

 Yes- Blake looks so scared- like he might just lose it in 3...2...1.
 He was staring at mommy like,  "Hey mom, did you know this lady keeps blinding me. And if you do why do you keep letting her do it?"
 I give up. 
 "I'm going to punch someone. This is stupid."
 "Alright mom, dad, anyone? Please make this stop!"
"Uh and now you're kissing me?!"

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