Friday, December 14, 2012

Naked Baby

Lots of updates from today's appointment... BUT today it's gonna have to wait!! We are exhausted... After 4 1/2 hours to Indy, 3 hours in Indy, and almost a 5 hour drive back (Blake was a A LOT little fussy!) and we are just ready for bed!! But here are some Naked Baby pictures from the other day!!

Blake loves his piano arch playtime mat... Mainly cause he loves checkin' himself out!!!

And this is the face he makes when he spots himself!!

And when he spots his mommy!!

Happy boy!!
No shirt, no shoes, no problems!!

Trying out this sitting thing. He does not look convinced!!

Sitting like a big boy- with the support of the recliner but hey we are practicing!!

Checking out what's on the TV!

He was suppose to be sitting in the recliner while I made a bottle. He was screaming- then silence! I walk in to check what's up and this is what I see!! That boy and his thumb!!! Loves it!!

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