Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big Step.

Guess What We Did last night?
We Slept in our BIG BOY Crib for the first time!!! YAY!!!
Zach and I made the very difficult decision last night (after two days of waking up constantly to a little someone tossing and turning and sucking on his thumb- I'll give you a hint it wasn't Zach) 
After a visit from Tannar and Lindsey and their ADORABLE baby Cohen. Blake was laid down in his nursery for the first time ever! And my lil' man did GREAT! 
He slept from 9:30pm until 8:15am...and he probably would have slept longer if I wouldn't have come in at 8 tapping my foot waiting for him to wake up. (So I think the switch from Co-Sleeper to Crib was a little harder on mommy than Blake!) 
My first peep-eye at Blake. 
Yes note that he is turned sideways...we did not lay down that way! 
He is a  little wiggle worm!

 Eating his fingers of course!
Still hasn't spotted mommy spying.
But in 3...2...1....
"Good Morning Baby!" 
And my heart melted...
So verdict on the sleeping in the nursery...


  1. I am sure he slept like a ROCK!!!

  2. Blake is such a big boy! We LOVED our visit with y'all! Can't wait until next time!

  3. Congrats to u mommy!!! It is sooooo hard, but everyone will sleep so much more sound. Also, you can let him play alone for awhile...sneaking in a shower before you get him up (if you can stand waiting that long). Love that you share all your 1st with us. Brings tears to my eyes & pride to my heart no matter how little those milestones are.


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