Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday Zach, 
We have been through so much this year. 
We have been through ups and a multitude of downs. 
However, there are three things that remain constant. 
Number One: You are a great husband!
Number Two: You are an even greater Daddy!
 and Lastly Number Three: 
We Love you more than you will ever know!
Katie. Blake and Conor.
and Aussie too! 

Our Actual first family photo. Blake at 3 days old. 

Our first time holding Blake as a family. 

 Playing for Blake in the NICU at Riley. 
 Family Portrait

 Daddy's First time holding Blake. 

 Blake's first day of the ventilator. 

 First Fathers Day. 

 For Comic Relief. 

 Precious Kisses. 

Daddy and His Little Monkey.
Blake's first poopy diaper.  

 After surgery: PS this is one of my favorite photos. 

Snuggle time in the NICU.
Daddy's Best Friend. 

Snuggle Time with Daddy.

Walk with me Daddy. 
By: Helen Bush

Walk alongside me, daddy
and hold my little hand.
I have so many things to learn
that I don't yet understand.

Teach me things to keep me safe
from dangers every day.
Show me how to do my best
at home, at school, at play.

Every child needs a gentle hand
to guide them as they grow.
So walk alongside me, daddy -
We have a long way to go.

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