Friday, December 7, 2012


The Best Dream Ever. 
Katie Hargis

Last night I dreamt I held you,
tightly in my arms. 
I told you not to worry,
I would keep you safe from harm.

I told you that I loved you, 
from your head down to your toes. 
I told you that I missed you, 
more than anybody knows. 

I held your hands, memorized your smile, 
and listened to you coo. 
I sang you songs, and read you books
about how much I love you. 

Then I started stirring, 
my dream was almost through. 
But I had so much left to say, 
so much left for me to do. 

I needed more time, 
so I closed my eyes tight. 
I prayed to God, 
with all my might. 

Just one more minute, 
to say "I love you so." 
Just one more minute, 
I'm not ready to let go. 

But alas its time, 
to wake from my dream. 
To face today, 
no matter how hard it might seem. 

You may be in Heaven, 
but you're always in my heart. 
You are everywhere with me,
we never spend a day apart.

I know in my heart,
I will see you again. 
One day, I will hold you
I just don't know when. 

But I am waking now, 
and I know its okay. 
Because I have you in my heart
every single day. 

I love you sweet baby, 
In every single way.  
I love you sweet Conor
I miss you everyday.   

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  1. This is so beautiful Katie. Words can not expressed


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