Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did you put on some weight?

May 30, 2012 10:26 PM

Yay!! Today Blake made another milestone weighing in at 3 lbs 1oz. He is still tolerating his feedings well and they have increased his milk to 18mL every 3hours- our goal being 26-28ml every 3 hours. WE ARE GETTING THERE!! It is amazing what a little milk can do!
We met the new doctor today that will have Blake for the next 3 weeks...and we LOVE him! He is so positive, and laid out his plan for Blake while he is taking care of him. Our goal is to slowly try to wean him from the JET ventilator about 2-3 points a week and continue to raise his feedings to get him bigger for his lungs to mature. Because he had such poor nutrition for the first month of his life due to his abdomen he is really focused on getting him to grow and catch up for the time lost. He is also hopeful that within the next three weeks we will be to at least get him of the JET ventilator or even (fingers crossed) get the breathing tube out completely. Chest xray still shows no collapsing of either lung which is wonderful! 
We also got the results of Blakes head ultrasound today, and the doctor is now changing his ultrasounds to every month rather than every two weeks because there is no change from the previous to this one. The damage in his brain has not spread or gotten worse which is a good thing! Now we will just have to wait for Blake to show us all he can do and how it has affected him! But for now he is still moving every extremity, focusing and tracking with his eyes, taking a pacifer, and even turning his head to specific sounds. We are very hopeful and we know God has a plan, and we have put our full trust in him knowing he wouldn't give us anything we could not handle! Our little man is a fighter and anyone who has read all he has gone through and how he has tolerated it all can not deny that he is our MIRACLE and is capable of anything! 
"Impossible situations can become possible miracles"- Robert H. Schuller

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