Sunday, June 3, 2012

For our Momma's

Today has been a great day!! There has not been any real change in Blake's care or condition today but what I can tell you is he was smiling, and wided eyed for most of the day. (I think cause he got to visit with his grandma's today!!) Zach and I for the past week have been racking our brains with ideas trying to come up with the best mothers day gift for our mommas. Its been hard since we haven't been out of the hosptial unless they wanted a gift from the gift shop! It wasnt until a few days ago that Zach came up with the best gift, allowing them to touch Blake for the first time in his incubator. Zach and I have been the only ones to touch him for the past month to help with bonding, but we felt it was time for him to get to know his grandma's loving touch too! I believe that both Grandma Pam and Grand-mo (trying out the new name for Grandma Monica) enjoyed their gifts very much so. (Pictures posted on page two of the picture collage!) It was nice to visit and see family today, to have them close helps heal us a little from being so home sick! Zach and I got to spend all day with our two FAVORITE women! Two women that help us everyday get through this hard time, that show us the true meaning of love. This year will be my first mother's day and I hope that I can be a great mom to Blake! I do know though, that if I can be half of what my Mom and Zach Mom's are to us that I will to be one hell of a mom! 
 Grandma Pam Touching Blake
Grandmo Monica Touching Blake

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