Sunday, June 3, 2012

A walk down memory lane.

May 27, 2012 11:05 PM

Blake has had a good week! Its been so amazing to watch his progress. He is tolerating his heart surgery so well! Teaching Zach and I what real strength is! He truly is an inspiration and such a strong fighter. All of Blake's swelling from surgery was gone by Wednesday, and we started to see minor changes in his ventilator settings. Blake is teaching me everyday patience, something I have never been good at. Zach and I are taking it day by day and rejoicing in every step closer we get to getting off the JET ventilator. The doctor told us we may start seeing more improvement in his lungs once the steroids start to work (approx a week). We will continue to pray for his lungs to mature, the more he sleeps the more he grows- SO sleep baby Sleep!
Today Blake is up to a total of 2lbs 15oz- just one ounce away from being THREE pounds! He was measuring at 15 1/4 inches long. With the way Blake is tolerating his feeds, and gaining weight we expect to see him pass 3 pounds before we know it!! They have upped his feedings again he is now getting 12mL of milk every 3 hours and since he is tolerating it SO well they will continue to increase them every day. Blake today was very active, and has started to get fussy 30 minutes before each feeding. He gets hungry and wants his milk!! Blake had Zach and I giggling today, he discovered his hand and kept going cross eyed following his own hand as he wiggled away! Blake will have his first eye exam this week we pray for all good news! Everyday Blake amazes Zach and I- we knew of love, but until our two boys were born never knew how deep love could truly be.
I thank God everyday for having Zach in my life, my rock, always there to comfort me and hold me up when Im falling down, and I never knew I could love him more- but everyday that I see him with our son, and how he continues to lift my spirits I feel love more than I ever have before. I am blessed, and my heart is filled with the love of my three boys- Zach, Blake, and Conor. 

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

walking down memory lane..Look how far we have come

The first time we held Blake in the bed at Deaconess April 15th, 2012
Blake weighing 1lb 1oz at deaconess- 4-18-12
Blake's first day at Riley's Children Hospital 4-26-12
Blake's first head IV 5-13-12
Blake showing his personality 5-24-12

 Daddy Playing for Blake 5-26-12
 "Opps I got your nose" 5-27-12

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