Sunday, June 3, 2012

Second Surgery Underway

April 30th, 2012
Today has been a little harder, we were called early this morning at 0630 to come in and see Blake due to the fact he was going to have to have emergent surgery at the bedside. Unfortunately the pin rose drain was not doing exactly what the surgeons wanted and they needed to do an exploratory abdominal laporatomy to find out exactly why his belly is not getting better. There is always gret risk when operation on someone as small as Blake so we prayed for the best and put it in God's forever loving hands. Thankfully Blake made it out of surgery and the little booger did GREAT!! They had to cut out about 8cm of his small intestine where they found his bowel had perforated. (Dr. Rouse says usually they have to take out more of the intestine but thankfully only a small amt was affected!) They then pulled a part of his intestine and brought it to the surface, which is called an ostomy. This illeostomy will be where Blake has bowel movements until he is around 4 lbs, then they will connect the large and small intestine back up and he will only be left with a small scar! His belly is looking amazing just from this morning. His bowel is pink and the surgeons say that it looks better than they could have ever expected. Blake is a strong fighter thats for sure!!!

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