Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Golden Rule.

June 23, 2012
Luke 6:31 says, "As you wish that others would do to you, do so to them." 

As a child I heard this scripture a lot. 
The Golden rule. A lesson etched into your memory. 
If you are nice to people, people will be nice to you. 
If you help someone who needs it, one day when you are in need someone will help you.

Zach and I have always strived to be honest, loving, and open to all people. We try to help when needed, we always have smiles on our faces, and we hope to bring a positive attitude to friends when they need it. We have truly been blessed with loving families, with many great friends, who to us ARE family, and today we have been humbled by the support that has been shown to us from them all!  
Since April 4th, the day my water broke, we have been showered with love and support 
from our friends and family. 
Then on April 11th, when the boys were born, we were surrounded by family to share in our joy.
 Then on April 12th, when our beautiful baby Conor James passed away, we were amazed by how many friends, co-workers, and even strangers showed up to show their deepest sympathy. 
Now two and half months later, from Blake's ups and downs, the amount of people who follow our son Blake's story truly astounds us. 
Our story was shared today on 2 different TV stations, Local 7, and News 25, due to a benefit in Blake's honor being thrown at a local bar in Evansville IN. We have shared our story, and already tonight we have been overwhelmed with the donations, and amount of people who showed up for Blake's benefit! "Do to others as you would have them do to you." It is AMAZING how good people are, how much love there is! And we want everyone to know how honored we are to be on the receiving end of it all! 
We have had over 4,000 visitors in over 10 different countries follow our story and share in our journey. It is honestly so overwhelming the love and support everyone gives us, and we are positive it is all the prayers being said (and a little help from a special someone up above!) that have gotten Blake where he is today!
We hope if nothing else is learned from our experience, that people will learn to cherish each day, love endlessly, and stay a prisoner of hope...because we know miracles can happen!!
Blake is 4lbs 3oz today, at one point in our journey Blake was down to 1lb 1oz. He loves his milk, and smiles big when its feeding time!! Who knew I would ever consider my 4lb 3oz baby boy a chunkster but he is sure packing on the weight and his little rolls are to die for!! I could just cuddle and love him all day! *Daddy might get a little jealous though if I hog him too much!!* Blake remains on vapotherm oxygen at 3liters on 27% oxygen and is tolerating it so well. We are still waiting on the doctor to make a decision on when Blake's 4th surgery will be scheduled. Its really been pretty calm here in Indy for the past week or so and that is the way we like it!! We just want everyone reading this to know how much it means to Zach and I that you are reading and keeping up with our lil' man's progress! Keep on praying and I know the good Lord will answer our prayers of one day heading back to the Bluegrass state with our lil' man by our side....until then Blake will be here growing and smiling for photos for you all to see!!! 

Looking at Daddy! 
Daddy Singing "Wagonwheel" to Blake. 



  1. You have a amazing story and your a awesome couple and everyone can see the love you two have in your hearts! Keep on fighting, the good lord will not give you more than you can handle :)

  2. A true inspiration. It warms my heart and breaks it to read your families story. I saw your story online and then became addicted to your blog. I have read them all, and will be waiting to hear more. The love, enjoy, remember blog is truly touching and it made me go hug my children and love on them a little more. God bless you both and may god bring you peace for Conor and blessings for Blake.

  3. keeping your family in our prayers! May God be with you and your beautiful son on this journey.


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