Sunday, June 3, 2012

Honoring Our Angel

Conor James Hargis
 Born: April 11, 2012
Our Angel: April 12, 2012
May 6th, 2012
Today was Conor James Hargis memorial service. Our hearts ache. Our hearts mourn. To love someone so much and for them to so quickly be taken truly rips your heart apart. Zach and I have never felt or even known we could feel so much pain. Although it has been 3 weeks from his passing it doesnt hurt any less. Last night we slept in our own house for the first time since the 4th of April. We walked into the room that was our twin boys nursery. There sat the two cribs, the matching outfits, two names on the wall....Blake and Conor. This was not how we thought life would be. When we found out we were having twins, we cried. We cried for excitement and fear and anxiety and LOVE! We were having two babies, an instant family of four! Our hearts grew with excitement every day. Every ultrasound was amazing two boys!! And every kick. How exciting it was to feel each individual baby kick and know which came from which. In the days leading to the boys birth Zach and I enjoyed and cherished every kick and movement that Conor and Blake did....not knowing that in a few short days we would no longer feel either. Conor passed in mommy and daddy's arms. Knowing how much love surrounded him. We held him and kissed him over the next few days before Blake was taken to Riley. We were given time with our sweet baby angel and thank the Lord everyday for them all. Today we lift our son up and know that his body is just a shell, his spirit lives within Zach, mine and Blake's heart! We feel his presense and speak with him daily to tell him how much his mommy and daddy love him! We know that for every good day that Blake has at the hospital Conor is helping! He loves his twin brother. We placed an angel pin on Blake's blanket at the hospital, and an identical angel pin on Conor's outfit he was placed in so that they will have a direct link to one another. Two coins placed in the casket- the serenity prayer and a guardian angel- indentical coins to the ones his daddy and mommy hold dear with them. And 3 notes, one from daddy, one from mommy and a picture of Blake and note for Conor to always know we are close. I do not wish this pain on anyone, but Zach and I look forward to the promise of seeing him at the pearly gates and the promise of Eternity with him! We love you Conor James and you will forever be in our hearts!

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