Sunday, June 3, 2012

They say its your Birthday..

 look how far we've come

May 11, 2012 2:26 PM
One month ago today, we introduced Blake Alan Hargis and Conor James Hargis into the world! We CAN NOT believe how time flies...Zach and I being the dorks we are sang "they say its your birthday" to Blake you can tell by the pictures we posted today we dont know if he liked it that much If you would have told us even two weeks ago that we would be here today celebrating Blake being one month old, I dont know if we thought we would make it here. Blake however tells us everyday that he is a fighter and not to count him out! It doesnt hurt he has his little brother watching out for him everyday!
Blake's belly incision looks good today. Its almost all closed up and scabbing over. His ileostomy looks great and is still draining well. Blake had an abdominal xray today- It showed he had normal bowel patterns (thats what we were Hoping for!) which lead up to Blake getting good birthday present today, the doctors started him on low dose feedings. So for the first time ever Blake was able to have breastmilk today! We were very excited that his belly has healed so quickly, never would we have thought it would be this soon that he would be able to have feedings. 
Blakes lung xray's today all looked better today too- he still remains on higher settings on the ventilator but is improving daily and still is only requiring a small amount of oxygen! All antibotics were stopped today, all of his cultures have been negative for infection since his abdominal surgery which is great! So hopefully now that the antibotics have been stopped next week we might find out if or when we will be getting his heart surgery for his PDA. We will keep yall updated and we will be adding pictures daily! Just keep up the prayers!

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