Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is a Bumpy Road we travel.

June 5, 2012
So Zach and I have officially, since yesterday, been in the hospital for 2 months! It has been a long and bumpy rollercoaster since the very beginning. Yesterday was no exception to this. Blake seemed to be a little fussy yesterday. All day Zach and I had noticed his heart rate had been elevated running at 180's which is not normal for him, and his temperature was staying around 37.5C*,( I know WHO reads in Celsius?) but he never developed an actual fever.  Blake was tossing, and making sad faces all day. It was quite pitiful actually. Zach and I kept pointing out the fact that he was hot and something was just not right and the nurses would then open his incubator and allow air to come in and his temperature would come down and he would be less fussy. It wasn't until later that night that his ABG (the lab that tells us how he is doing lung wise on the breathing machine) was reading that he was acidotic- they got a CBC and it showed his White Blood Cell count was elevated (an indicator for infection). The doctors went back and forth trying to figure out if he had an infection or not. So for precaution they sent blood cultures, urine culture, they started him on anti-botics Gentamycin and Vancomycin just in case, and they STOPPED his feedings in case it was his belly again!! (POOR BOY!!) Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy did not enjoy getting that phone call in the middle of the night. The doctors and nurses were though confused by all this and kept telling us he didnt look sick...that did not help in making us feel better though. 
But then....
Today: Blake's first ABG this morning was great- they even turned his vent settings down some more weaning him from the JET ventilator (which is what we want!!) Blake no longer showed signs of being acidotic. All cultures have so far come back negative, his temperature is normal, he is no longer fussy at all and actually looks GREAT!! After much discussion, our Doctor thinks it might be possible that all this was cause by the liquid fortifier we have added to the breastmilk to add calories- he says only 5-10% of babies react poorly from the liquid fortifer (AND WE KNOW...how much Blake likes to be in the small percentile of things- for example- twin, being born at 24 weeks, Bowel perforation, PDA, IVH, and most of all....SURVIVING it all!!)  The doctor says that the babies that do have a reaction to it will show signs of acidosis, and if the fortifier is stopped, the acidosis should resolve...which his has since the feedings were stopped that morning at 0200. So we are hopeful this is what has caused our little bump in the road...we are remaining on antibotics just it case it was some sort of infection atleast until the blood culture and urine cultures are negative for two days! They did restart his feedings this morning, but are now using the powder fortifier to add calories instead of the liquid so we will see! Keeping our fingers crossed and praying hard that it is the liquid and isn't some type of infection! Either way our sweet little boy looks good today, and if he is sick...you sure cant tell...Here are a few pictures from the last few days...If you have facebook too please see the video Zach posted of Blake and his pacifier! TOO CUTE!

Blake giving his nurse, Angie, the stink eye!
 Today was a day of funny faces...
 This reminds me of a Three Stooges face
And now he is all tucked in and sleeping away... Snug as a bug.


  1. Hi guys- just seeing if the comment section works :) Thanks for reading!

  2. I love getting to c the updates of how ur sweet baby Blake is doing. I continue to pray for u Zach and Blake to have strength and recieve love from every way possible. I know we haven't seen eachother in a while but I still love u to death and would do any and everything I possibly can to help support u thru this. If u ever even just need someone to talk to u can call anytime. And my baby girls grandparents live in Indy so if u would like we could even visit if u need company. Anyway I hope each day continues to get better for u and ur family but most of all I hope baby Blake gets to come home very soon so u can enjoy having a family the way that I'm sure u dreamed of the day u found out u were pregnant

  3. you guys are amazing!!
    from one sick baby to another...Blake, you can do it! and we will have lots to talk about later in your life. you have most excellent parents and this will only make your bond stronger!! remember this when you are a teenager and you think you have lame parents!
    i have put yall on the prayer list at work and those ladies are dedicated. so expect some good vibes soon!
    lots of love and happy thoughts...Lydia

  4. Hey Katie! I'm always thinking of you all....I was
    Glad to read that he started improving!! He sure is a strong baby boy:) And super cute! I can't imagine the how you feel on days like this. I am so glad that you and Zach have each other. Stay strong for that baby!! He surly is a wonderful miracle:)
    All my love ~ Hilary Thomas


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